How to remove warts naturally at home


There is no need to pay expensive medical treatments or to go on surgical interventions for wart-removing. Nature has a remedy for everything. There are certain plants that can help you, if your problems are viral warts. One of these plants is fig. You shouldn’t eat figs, unless you want it, but that is not the cure. Did you know that fig tree produces milk? If you break the leaf, thin sprig or fruit, you’ll see the white liquid. That is fig milk or juice. You can name it whatever you like. This milk is pretty thick, and when it dries it becomes like glue. In fact, that is some kind of resin from trees. Put this milk on the wart and leave it to dry. This treatment should be repeated twice a day in a period of seven days or more. Do it until the warts burn. In the beginning you might not notice any other effect except of prickling. The fig milk burns the wart step by step. After few days a wart can become darker, until it drops or disappears eventually.
This is the natural way of removing warts at home. This way, you can remove warts on your fingers, hands, neck, ears, feet and other parts of your body. It is not recommended to use the fig milk for removing warts from sensitive parts of the body, such as face, and especially the part around eyes. In that case, some spots or bruises can appear. It is not recommended to use the fig milk for removing condyloma (genital warts).

Fig and dandelion milk for wart removal

Somebody will surely say: ˝That’s all great, but where am I supposed to get the fig tree?˝. There is a belief that fig tree grows only in warm areas, but that’s not true. Fig tree can be grown in continental areas, and it can even survive winter with the temperature of -20 ºC. The tree should be protected during the winter time, by covering it with dried corn leaves and nylon. In this climatic conditions the fig tree might not grow up a lot or give the tastiest fruits, but you’ll have the fig milk.
Try to plant a fig tree in your yard or garden. Beside its usefulness, fig tree has nice leaves and is classified as ornamental plant.
If you still can not get the fig tree, try this with dandelion milk. Break the flower or the leaf of dandelion and smear on a wart until it drops.
If you don’t have dandelion nearby, try with smearing a wart with an egg white.

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