How to make stinging nettle tea


To make stinging nettle tea you should take stinging nettle leaves. Leaves are picked while they’re green. For picking leaves you should use gloves, as nettle is pretty stinging and burning for skin. Stinging nettle tea is usually made of dry leaves, but fresh can also do the work. Pour in the pot as many cups of water as you like. When the water boils, put as many coffee spoons of chopped, dry nettle leaves. Cover it, and then strain it and let it stay for 20 minutes. The stinging nettle tea surely isn’t the tastiest tea you have tried, so you can add some other herb in it to fix its taste. Try adding some menta and it will taste better. That is not so important, because you don’t drink this tea out of pleasure, yet because of its health benefits. This tea should be drunk cold or chilly. Two cups a day should be taken. You can drink it for 10 days, even longer, what depends on health problems one has. Stinging nettle tea is also allowed for pregnant women in smaller amounts.

Stinging nettle tea benefits

Nettle is a great source of iron. It is a precious natural remedy for anemia. Stinging nettle tea, if consumed in a particular period of time,  is good as it contributes to forming the red blood cells, known as erytrocytes. Nettle tea is also good in alliviating the spring fatigue. This tea gives back the energy we need and awakes the human organism. Nettle purifies blood, so it is used in treating allergies, too. Stinging nettle tea is also good for washing hair and face. It works against skin inflammations and because of that, against acne. Nettle nourishes and revitalises cells. Don’t let to be rejected from this plant only because of the fear of being stung, as it is very beneficial for your health.

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